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Hotel Management
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Every student needs to be registered in Studielink:
Dutch students: Select the Dutch language (not the English one!), you need to register and sign up for one of our programmes:
B (Bachelor) Hotel Management at NHL Stenden Hogeschool
B (Bachelor) Hotel Management (MOH/MHS instroom)
B (Bachelor) Hotel Management (3 jaar, VWO instroom)
Ad (Associate degree) Hotel Management
Ad (Associate degree) Hotel Management (MOH/MHS instroom)
Students in the European Economic Region: Select the English language and register and sign up for one of our programmes at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Studielink:
B Hospitality Management)
B Hospitality Management 3 year
B Hospitality Management short track
Prospective students of all other nationalities will be registered in Studielink by the International Office. YOU WILL NOT NEED TO DO THIS YOURSELF.  Please contact the International office for more information at or call +31 58 244 1200.

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