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What to expect

The Selection Day is an opportunity for you to get to know our school and for us to get to know you. During the selection day we first assess your suitability and aptitude for the International Hotel Management School and the hospitality industry through activities that help us learn about you and help you learn about your abilities and your future career. Following your assessment, you will get to see what we have to offer as we s how you around the campus and give you a taste of student life.

Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about our school and to meet your future classmates. Please bring your ID card to the selection day. We look forward to meeting you!
New selection procedure from September 2018
As of the September 20018 the procedure consists of two phases:
For MHS-MOH students, please scroll down

Phase 1: Registration and Pre-selection
You need to register for a selection day first. Based on the answers to the questions being asked and your resume, the admissions committee will make a pre-selection and will inform you whether or not you are enrolled for the actual selection day.

We will judge your motivation and preparation, your use of English and the way you write. You will be informed as soon as possible but at least 2 weeks in advance, whether you have been selected to come to the Selection day or not. 

Phase 2: The actual Selection Day 
The selection day programme consists of the following:
Welcome and registration
You will be welcomed in the lobby of the Stenden University Hotel by a student of the International Hotel Management School who will be your host for the day. In order to register you will be asked to s how a valid identification card. You are expected to s how up in Tenue de Ville. You will receive a personal program and be assigned to a prospective student group.
Computer-based test
The computer-based test will take approximately 2 hours. This test examines your logical thinking, insight into (financial) figures, language skills, general and hospitality knowledge. The results of this test will give you insight into your future career options. (Not applicable for MHS/MOH students)
Speed dating
During the speed dating sessions you will be interviewed by an industry representative, a teacher and a student.(Not applicable for MHS/MOH students)
Hotel / Campus tour
Your host will give you a tour of the hotel and the campus, including the departments within the learning hotel where you fulfill your practice as a student.
Presentation on student life
The student associations will give a presentation during a plenary session. Everything you may want to know about student life will be explained during this meeting! Next to that, the IHM Student Centre will introduce itself and will explain you things you may want to know concerning the next steps you need to undertake after you have received a positive Selection Day Result.
The program begins at 10.00 and lasts until 17.00. Lunch is included.
Intake Interview MHS/MOH

This is not applicable for MHS/MOH students:
There will be no pre-selection. As soon as you have registered for a selection day, you are in and we expect you to come. 

At the Selection day there will be an interview of 30 minutes where the results of the diagnostic test you conduct in the morning of the selection day will be discussed as well as your motivation.


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